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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Teenagers Are Like Lion Cubs Learning The Ropes of Life.

“Be serious about teen problems” echoes the cry of many teenagers out there today, and parents need to heed it.

Teenagers are in a confusing, perplexing phrase of life and are sometimes considered or treated as children and sometimes as adults. When they act silly, they are reproached as being childish, but when they make decisions for themselves, parents often resent it, regarding them as children not capable of wise decisions.

As disclosed by the writer, parents often make light of their children’s problems, regarding them as insignificant, and don’t spare time to listen to them. They have no inkling that these problems may lead to tragedies, or undesirable situations.Seeking advice from their peers or counsellors who are not earnest, trustworthy or sincere is not fruitful.

Teenagers are like young cubs learning the ropes of life. Young cubs require hunting lessons from their parents, usually the lioness, before they can be independent and fend for themselves. Similarly, teenagers need parental support, love, assurance and care before they can go out to face the world.

They certainly need a gentle, kind, caring approach from their parents in leading, guiding, enlightening, instructing and advising them. They need respect, too, with their parents listening to them and not belittling them.belittling them.


Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

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